Quotes about wisdom

“Wisdom. Wisdom is our liberal self-giving and not our selfish self-seeking. Wisdom is the beauty of our inner flame. Our inner flame is our upward aspiration-flight. Our aspiration-flight is our immortal Reality’s height. The man of wisdom serves God in man. The man of wisdom loves man in God. By serving God in man, the man of wisdom gets boundless Peace, Light and Bliss. By loving man in God, the man of wisdom expands his vision. He feels himself an extension of the ever-increasing vision, inner and outer. Wisdom is at once experience and realisation. Experience tells the seeker what he can eventually become: a perfect instrument of God.”

– Sri Chinmoy 1

“Wisdom-light is life-loving. Wisdom-light is self-giving. Wisdom-light is God-becoming.”

– Sri Chinmoy 2

“Real wisdom comes from the heart. And what is that wisdom? To love and serve these poor people who are suffering. The knowledge that comes from the mind always has a superior feeling: “I am so clever; I am so great.” But the heart’s wisdom acts like a mother. When the mother deals with the child, she never thinks of herself as superior. She comes down to the level of the child so that she can deal with the child and the child can deal with her. Suppose someone has read 10,000 books and you have read only one book. Who cares for 10,000 books? The only book we care for is the book that says to love and be loved — and that book is written on the tablet of the heart.”

– Sri Chinmoy 3

“What is Wisdom-Light? Wisdom-Light is something that eternally glows inside our heart and around our life eternal. Wisdom-Light tells us that there are only two mighty powers on earth. These powers are temptation-power and liberation-power. When we surrender to temptation-power, we come to realise that our body is unawakened, our vital is undisciplined, our mind is unillumined and our heart is unfulfilled. When we aspire for liberation-power, we come to realise that our soul is a fulfilled and, at the same time, a constantly fulfilling reality; that our soul is an illumined and, at the same time, an ever-illumining reality.”

– Sri Chinmoy 4

“Wisdom is something that comes to the fore from within, from the Light of the soul. When we discover wisdom, we feel that we are in conscious oneness with the Almighty Father.”

– Sri Chinmoy 5

“There are many spiritual Masters who did not care for study. But all the scholars of the Western world should go and touch the feet of these illiterate men of infinite Wisdom. The higher, the deeper we go, the more convincing, the more illumining, the more worthwhile the wisdom we get.”

– Sri Chinmoy 6

Wisdom can reach
Heaven’s Feet and earth’s heart
All at once.

– Sri Chinmoy 7

“A worldwide shortage of wisdom is responsible for the absence of universal peace, universal oneness and universal fulness.”

– Sri Chinmoy 8



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