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“Try not to change the world. You will fail. Try to love the world. Lo, the world is changed. Changed forever.”

– Sri Chinmoy 1

“Love, my friends, my soulful friends, love. Let us love. True, this world of ours is full of hatred and disbelief, but that is no reason why we should not love and why we should not believe. We must love and believe in order to empty the hatred-sea.”

– Sri Chinmoy 2

“First of all, let us try to know what love is. If love means to possess someone or something, then that is not real love, not pure love. If loves means to give oneself, to become one with everything and everyone, then that is real love.”

– Sri Chinmoy 3

“Love is the inner bond, the inner connection, the inner link between man and God, between the finite and the infinite.”

– Sri Chinmoy 3

“By loving more and more,
One day we shall be able to solve
All our problems.”

– Sri Chinmoy 5

Love the world.
Otherwise, you will be forced
To carry the heaviest load:
Your own bitter self.”

– Sri Chinmoy 6

“Every day we spend our time
At least for one day,
Can we not try loving –
Loving the world, loving God
And finally, loving ourselves?”

– Sri Chinmoy 7

“To see the divine in others, we have to love. Where love is thick, faults are thin. If you really love someone, then it is difficult to find fault with him. His faults seem negligible, for love means oneness. This oneness comes from our conscious acceptance of his reality as it is.”

– Sri Chinmoy 8

“No love
Which is not love
For all.”

– Sri Chinmoy 9

“Nothing can be greater than love. God is great only because He has infinite Love. If we want to define God, we can define Him in millions of ways, but I wish to say that no definition of God can be as adequate as the definition of God as all Love.”

– Sri Chinmoy 10

“Hate is often an obverse form of love. You hate someone whom you really wish to love but whom you cannot love. Perhaps he himself prevents you. Hate is a disguised form of love…. Hatred is the frustration or blockage of normal, free-flowing love.”

– Sri Chinmoy 11

“No remedy for black hate?
Who says?
Just love
And love more,
That’s all.”

– Sri Chinmoy 12

“Love means acceptance. What are we going to accept? We are going to accept this world of ours which is around us and within us.”

– Sri Chinmoy 13

“If you really want to love humanity, then you have to love humanity as it stands now and not expect it to come to a specific standard.”

– Sri Chinmoy 14

“How can we help our sisters and brothers of the world? We can help if we become all love for the One who is eternally All-Love. Let us love the One, the root of the tree. Then we shall see that the branches, the leaves and the foliage of the tree also will feel our love.”

– Sri Chinmoy 13

“I must love
The unloved ones — I must.”

– Sri Chinmoy 16

“Divine love does not mean an emotional exchange of human thoughts or ideas, but it means the fulfilment of oneness. At times it may demand highest Justice; at times it may demand infinite Compassion. Inside infinite Compassion, we shall feel the living breath of love. Again, inside the supreme Justice, we shall feel the living presence of love.”

– Sri Chinmoy 13

“One word that wakes
All humanity:
Love, love, love!”

– Sri Chinmoy 18

“There can be no greater wisdom, no greater knowledge, than love. We pray to God. Why? We pray to God just because God is all Love. God is not like a schoolmaster with an iron rod who strikes us all the time. Just because God is all Love, all Compassion, we go toward Him and not toward body else. The supreme knowledge lies in love.”

– Sri Chinmoy 13

“Think not, my mind.
Just love and love
And love God.”

– Sri Chinmoy 20

“God loves us. He loves us constantly and unconditionally. No matter what we have done, what we are doing or what we shall do, He will always love us.”

– Sri Chinmoy 21

“The most effective medicine
Here on earth
Is love unconditional.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 22

“The world exists just because love still exists on earth. If this one divine quality left the world, then there could be no existence on earth. No other divine quality can create, sustain and fulfil God here on earth like the quality of love. Divine love does not mean an emotional exchange of human thoughts or ideas, but it means the fulfilment of oneness.”

– Sri Chinmoy 23

“The very nature of human love is to stick only to one person and to reject everyone else: accept and reject, accept and reject. But in divine love, which is unlimited and infinite, the question of acceptance and rejection does not arise at all. In divine love there is no possession-only a feeling of oneness.”

– Sri Chinmoy 24

“Love of the limited self, the very limited self, is another name for human love. Love of the entire world is another name for divine love.”

– Sri Chinmoy 25

“Love of the limited self, the very limited self, is another name for human love. Love of the entire world is another name for divine love.”

– Sri Chinmoy 25



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