Quotes on compassion


“Unless and until you have developed
A heart inundated with compassion,
Do not sit on the seat of judgement.“


Is far beyond the domain
Of all laws.


Frustration mounts
When Compassion fades.


Sooner or later


“Concern, compassion, love: these are three rungs in one ladder. Compassion in the ordinary sense of the term, when it is given from one individual to another, always has a sense of separativity and inferiority. He who has compassion is superior; he who receives compassion is inferior. He who has the capacity uses the compassion-power, and he who does not have the capacity receives the compassion-power from the superior. But in the spiritual life, compassion is nothing other than oneness itself. Compassion does not mean a sense of pity. Compassion is the expansion of what one eternally is.”


“Compassion is at once the seed and fruit of self-education. And it is from self-education that we can offer our wisdom-light to mankind. Wisdom-light is a self-giving flame that slowly, steadily and unerringly grows into a God-becoming sun.


“In the ordinary, unaspiring life, compassion is a very tricky word. We say ‘compassion’ when we mean to say ‘attachment’. In the human world there is no compassion; it is all unconscious attachment. When people who live in the physical world say that they are showing compassion to someone because he is weak and he needs guidance, this is not true. It is only attachment, and from this attachment they expect an aggrandisement of their own ego.”


Aspirant! If evil has an access to the mid-ocean and to the sky, God’s all-pervading Compassion has a freer and more embracing access to these places.

Impelled by His strongest Compassion, God takes the feeblest man into His Omnipotence.




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