Quotes on Gratitude

“When God fulfils your desire, you are all gratitude. When God does not fulfil your desire, if you can become all gratitude to Him, then God Himself is bound to come to you, not only to replace and fulfil your desire, but to give you what He has and what He is: Infinitude.”


“If gratitude is sincere, genuine, soulful and pure, then it lasts; it has a long life. But if it is not sincere, then from the start it has no life. This moment we offer gratitude because we feel, or we try to make ourselves feel, that some higher forces have acted in and through us. But in five minutes we somehow manage to forget that those higher forces played the most significant role in and through us.”


“But if you want to make yourself happy, sincerely happy, if you want to grow into happiness, then right from this moment only offer gratitude, gratitude, gratitude to the Supreme, for you are on the path and you are doing the right thing by offering gratitude.”


“Gratitude is the safest way for us to reach the supreme destination. The moment we offer our gratitude to the Supreme, many, many undivine forces leave us. Our complaints against the path, against other human beings, even against the Supreme Himself disappear.”


“Gratitude means to become a flower in every part of your being: body, vital, mind and heart. Everything in your being will exist only as a flower. There are 86,000 subtle nerves inside you, but there will not remain anything else except a flower. You as an individual will become only a flower to be placed at the Feet of the Supreme. This flower is completely open; all the petals are blossomed. This is gratitude.”


“We must cry to God for the power of gratitude. In the spiritual life, a moment of sincere gratitude to the Supreme is equal to an hour of most intense aspiration, concentration, meditation and contemplation. Gratitude has the mightiest power to win God, but we have to get it before we can give it.”


“The things that most deserve our gratitude we just take for granted. Without air we cannot live for more than a minute or two. Every day we are breathing in and breathing out, but do we ever feel grateful to the air?”




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