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Quotes on humility


Knows the art
Of pleasing
Every heart.”

Sri Chinmoy, 1

“When we become really humble, we offer more of our capacity, divinity and reality. Only by becoming humble can we become what we truly are. We become of greater use, of greater help to mankind.”

Sri Chinmoy, 2

“Humility is not a matter of touching the feet of somebody, no. It is something that has to be shared with the rest of the world. It is the God-life within us. The higher we go, the greater is our promise to the Supreme in mankind. The more light we receive by virtue of our humility, the more we have to offer to mankind.”

Sri Chinmoy, 2

“When you feel humble, you feel that your body, vital and mind are responding to your soul’s dictates.”

Sri Chinmoy, 4

“Don’t be a fool
And assume
That you already know
What you need to know.”

Sri Chinmoy, 5

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