Quotes on Courage


“Courage is absolutely necessary in the spiritual life. The very acceptance of the spiritual life demands enormous courage. It is only a divinely courageous soul, only a divinely inspired soul, that can swiftly reach the highest Goal.”

Sri Chinmoy, 1

“This courage is not the courage of a haughty, rough person who will strike others to assert his superiority; it is totally different. This courage is our constant awareness of what we are entering into, of what we are going to become, of what we are going to reveal.”

Sri Chinmoy, 1

“It takes great courage
To become sincere.
It takes greater courage
And greatest courage
To become holy.”

Sri Chinmoy, 3

“Our spiritual progress
Depends on
Our inner courage.”

Sri Chinmoy, 4

“To speak ill of the world
Needs courage,
But fortunately or unfortunately
Everybody has that courage.
To love the world
As one’s own,
Very own,
Needs courage.
Unfortunately, most of us are wanting
In that courage.
The courage of the heart,
The courage of the soul
We badly need,
And not the courage
Of the unruly,
Demanding vital.”

Sri Chinmoy, 5

“Courage is the most devoted servant of one’s own faith in oneself and God.”

Sri Chinmoy, 6

Born of prayers
And meditations
Is indomitable.”

Sri Chinmoy, 7

“The inner courage
Is absolutely necessary
To be on any spiritual path.”

Sri Chinmoy, 8

“Be courageous!
Do not allow your doubtful mind
To accompany you
Wherever you go.”

Sri Chinmoy, 9

“Happiness and courage
Feed each other.”

Sri Chinmoy, 10

Is the conqueror
Of all our human weaknesses.”

Sri Chinmoy, 11



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