Quotes on death


Quotes on death by Sri Chinmoy

“Death is not the end. Death can never be the end. Death is the road. Life is the traveler. The soul is the guide.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 1

“Our mind thinks of death. Our heart thinks of life. Our soul thinks of Immortality. Mind and death can be transcended. Heart and life can be expanded. Soul and Immortality can be fulfilled.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 2

“When the mind and death are transcended, man will have a new home: Light, the Light of the Beyond.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 3

“What is death? Death is the immortal pilgrim’s short rest along the road of Eternity. Death is a necessary experience for human beings at the present state of their evolving consciousness. Death is a shattering blow for desiring human beings and, at the same time, it is an awakening hand for aspiring human beings.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 4

“Life is a journey — So is death.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 5

“Death is not the end — It is the very beginning
Of a new dawn.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 6

“Life and death
Have a common bridge
Where we are all
Eternal travellers.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 7

“The freedom
Of the soul-bird
Death cannot take away.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 8

“Unfortunately, most of us cherish wrong conceptions about death. We think death is something unusual, something destructive. But we have to know that right now death is something natural, normal and, to some extent, inevitable.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 9

“The secrets of life
And the secrets of death
Are interchangeable.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 10

“Right now, death is something unknown, and most people are afraid of the unknown. But we have to realise that death is an important part of God’s Cosmic Game and a natural step in our evolution.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 11

“At death’s gate,
A new life came
And embraced him.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 12

“Life and death
Are two complementary friends.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 13

“Matter challenges death
Only to lose.
Spirit ignores death
Only to conquer.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 14

“Death is at once
The end of the body’s
Old journey
And the beginning of the soul’s
New journey.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 15

“When the hour of death approaches us, if we feel that we can never be destroyed, that nothing can shake us and that we are the very essence of life, then where is sorrow, where is fear, where is death? No death.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 16

“We were not born
For human death,
But for divine Immortality.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 17

“Death is not
The end.
Death is
Our silence-friend.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 18

“I do believe in reincarnation. In one lifetime it is impossible to reach the Highest and manifest the Highest. In each successive incarnation we try to make more progress. We are like a plant that is growing up high, higher, highest. One day we will be a huge tree with countless leaves, most fragrant flowers and delicious fruits. But this cannot happen overnight.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 19

“An advanced seeker smiles at death for he knows that he will lose nothing in the dust of death.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 20

“When we say
That it is an untimely death,
Quite often we are mistaken.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 21

“The desiring man thinks death is destruction. A beginner-seeker feels death is a supreme mystery. An advanced seeker knows that death is a short rest. A God-realised person has unmistakably discovered that death is an instrument of God.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 4

“When one lived the life of desire, death stood as an obstacle, an ignorance-force. But when one became a seeker, he saw that death is only a loving instrument, that death is nothing but the younger brother of life, As a younger brother, death feels that it is its bounded duty to help its elder brother, life. It does this by offering Immortality’s Light, Eternity’s Height, Infinity’s Smile and Perfection’s Satisfaction to earth.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 4

“My physical death
Is not the end of my life –
I am an eternal journey.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 24


Photo top: Unmesh, Sri Chinmoy Centre




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