Quotes on the heart


“The heart has
Many special qualities.
Two are uppermost:
It knows how to care;
It knows how to share.”

Sri Chinmoy, 1

“Your mind has
A flood of questions.
There is but one teacher
Who can answer them.
Who is the teacher?
Your silence-loving heart.”

Sri Chinmoy, 2

“Your mind knows only
How to compile complaints.
Your heart knows only
How to sing oneness-song.”

Sri Chinmoy, 3

“The mind knows
How to dominate.
The heart knows
How to liberate.”

Sri Chinmoy, 4

“Our differences disappear
The moment we come to realise
That all hearts are one.”

– Sri Chinmoy, 5

“We call the path of the heart the sunlit path. On this path progress is faster than the fastest, because inside the heart is the soul. The soul is all light. It is the divine messenger, the divine representative of God. If you really knock at the heart’s door, everything is achieved, because when the heart’s door is opened you will find the soul within.”

Sri Chinmoy, 6

“In my heart’s secret depth,
There is always a poignant cry
To destroy the disharmony
That fetters and bruises
My outer life.”

Sri Chinmoy, 7

“As the mind knows
How to blindfold us,
Even so,
The heart knows
How to liberate us.”

Sri Chinmoy, 8

“My heart knows how to meditate.
My mind does not know — It just pretends.”

Sri Chinmoy, 9

“My heart has faith;
My heart has love.”

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 41, Agni Press, 2004

“The mind
Suspects happiness.”

“The heart
Creates happiness.”

Sri Chinmoy, 10

In the heart’s

– Sri Chinmoy, 11

“Whenever there is a collision
Between my heart’s dream
And my mind’s reality,
I always take the side of my heart,
For each dream of my heart
Is newness and sweetness incarnate.”

Sri Chinmoy, 12

“A wise heart
Embraces change.”

Sri Chinmoy, 13



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