Quotes on hope


“Hope is not mere wishful thinking. It is the precursor of a new dawn that slowly, steadily and unerringly comes to the fore and eventually grows into reality’s existence.”

Sri Chinmoy,  1

“A smile gives us
A new hope.”

Sri Chinmoy, 2

“Yesterday’s failures
Must be forgotten.
Tomorrow’s new hope
And new fulfilment
Must be cherished.:

Sri Chinmoy, 3

“Hope is not an idle term. Hope is the reality that can and does reveal itself to us at God’s choice hour. To hope is to know the secret of achievement.”

Sri Chinmoy, 4

“Never give up hope!
Hope ultimately succeeds.”

Sri Chinmoy, 5

“To live on the outskirts of hope
Is not enough.
Cultivate a hope-life
Inside the very breath
Of your moment-to-moment existence.”

Sri Chinmoy, 6

“The satisfaction of life
May not be ours,
But the beauty of hope
Is all ours.”

Sri Chinmoy, 7

“Love is hope.
Hope is nectar.”

Sri Chinmoy, 8

“Hope is sweet.
Hope is illumining.
Hope is fulfilling.
Hope can be everlasting.
Therefore, do not give up hope
Even in the sunset of your life.”

Sri Chinmoy, 9

“If hope is just a mere wish, if it is just like making friends with fantasy, then consciousness will not respond to it. But if it is something significant, like a vision that is trying to blossom inside the heart of an individual, then consciousness will be elevated.”

Sri Chinmoy, 10

“When hope makes friends
With patience,
Hope will be able
To live indefinitely.”

Sri Chinmoy, 11



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