Quotes about the power of thought


Heaven and hell are inside our mind. They are a state of consciousness, not a country to which one goes. If you cherish a good thought, then inside that good thought is Heaven. If you treasure a bad thought, you live in hell. Heaven and hell are inside us; at every moment we experience either Heaven or hell.

– Sri Chinmoy 1

Instead of bringing opportunity
To your doorstep,
You are chasing opportunity away
With your stupid, self-undermining
And self-criticising mind.

– Sri Chinmoy 2

Just be positive
In everything that you say and do.
Your mind will escape the poison
Of self-created negativity.

– Sri Chinmoy 3

In your case also, you have to pray and meditate and become one with the Highest. It is the only way. Otherwise, if you say, “I am useless, I am hopeless,” then you will always remain useless and hopeless.

– Sri Chinmoy 4

One good thought
Energises us

– Sri Chinmoy 5

Do not think too long!
Can you not see
You are starving your intuition?

– Sri Chinmoy 6

You should not feel that you are an ant. If you feel like an ant, then you will always remain an ant. When you have a little ‘I’, you have to try to expand it. You have to make it as large as possible, make it the universal ‘I.’

– Sri Chinmoy 4

The promise-power
Of a positive thought
Cannot be measured.

– Sri Chinmoy 8

One bad thought, a lower vital thought, is enough to destroy a whole day. You have to know whether you have allowed it to enter your mind or gone further and actually cherished it. And again, one divine thought is enough to keep the whole day cheerful.

– Sri Chinmoy 9

Undivine thoughts
Our mind.

Divine thoughts
Our mind.

– Sri Chinmoy 10

The outer world is ruled
By the power
Of human thought.

The inner world is guided
By the Love
Of Divine Will.

– Sri Chinmoy 11

A human being is at the mercy of a tiny thought. You have two arms, two legs and so many things at your disposal. But if one tiny thought comes — anger, let us say, or insecurity — then you are finished. One little thought can weaken you to such an extent.

– Sri Chinmoy 12

But much stronger than thought-power is something called will-power. Will-power has tremendous strength, dauntless power, inexhaustible power. So don’t follow thought-power; follow always will-power. An atom of will-power can illumine and fulfil your life.

– Sri Chinmoy 12

Each thought
Embodies a world
Of possibilities.

– Sri Chinmoy 14

Each thought has power of its own. Positive thought has a power and negative thought also has a power. With positive power we build; with negative power we break. Each positive thought is creation and each negative thought is destruction.

– Sri Chinmoy 15

Each good thought radiates.
Each wrong thought vindicates.

– Sri Chinmoy 16

In the spiritual life, when a negative thought enters into us, we take it to the soul’s light for transformation. Without the soul’s light these negative thoughts cannot be transformed. First we have to chase them, then catch them and then take them to the proper place where they can be transformed. This is how we can conquer and transform negative thoughts.

– Sri Chinmoy 15

Thinking is becoming.
Therefore, be extremely careful
In your thinking.

– Sri Chinmoy 18




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