Quotes on self-giving


Because of self-giving friendship this world of ours is exceedingly beautiful.

Sri Chinmoy, 1

Its own reward.

Sri Chinmoy, 2

What we have is love and what we are is oneness. By offering love in any form to mankind – to our so-called superiors and so-called inferiors, or to our brothers and sisters of the world – we come to know what we ultimately and eternally are: oneness inseparable.

Sri Chinmoy, 3

We can have more joy only in self-giving, not in demanding.

Sri Chinmoy, 4

The more we give to humanity, the sooner we grow into our larger than the largest heart.

Sri Chinmoy, 5

There is a great difference between charity and self-offering in the spiritual life. In self-offering, we try to give what we have, unconditionally. When we give something in charity, we feel that the world will come to know and will appreciate and admire us.

Sri Chinmoy, 6

Constant self-offering
Is the easiest way
To peace.

Sri Chinmoy, 7

Total self-giving is found in the spiritual life when you have the capacity to identify yourself with something infinite. It is like giving your entire being-body, mind, heart and soul. What you have and what you are, you are giving to a divine cause.

Sri Chinmoy, 8

A self-giving heart
Beauty unparalleled.

Sri Chinmoy, 9

Sleepless self-giving
Knows no equal.

Sri Chinmoy, 10

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